How should you organize a yacht?

Experts from will help you prepare your special holiday. We will take into account the type of yacht you are looking for, the time you want to board, and the destinations and type of Yacht that suits you best. Together with the information you give us, and our vast knowledge of yachts and destinations, we will be able to prepare a formula for you.

What type of Yacht should you rent?

Luxury Charter companieshave a very wide selection of luxury yachts offering more than 3,000 yachts available worldwide. We can thus present you the best charter solution corresponding completely to your requirements and personal tastes.

It is important for us to know certain information about you, such as your age, interests and housing preferences. Thanks to all this information, we are more able to provide you with the Yachts most suited to your needs.

There are four types of yachts available for rent and these can be categorized by size, depending on the overall length from about 18 meters (60 feet) up to 60 meters (200 feet).

Sailing Yachts: Sailing yachts give a great spirit of romance and adventure to a luxury yacht. They use to offer the definitive level of cruising comfort as well as an added measurement: a refreshing and stimulating use to embrace of the elements though traveling between two destinations. You do one with nature while you relax and watch your crew maneuver the sail.

Motor Yachts: Motor yachts are generally faster and bring a more sophisticated level of elegance to your luxury yacht. They can also accommodate more passengers on board depending on the length of the yacht. However, you will need to take into account the fuel consumption rate of your yacht because this cost will be expected in your budget.

Catamarans: Sailing and motor catamarans are a type of luxury Yacht emerging among luxury yachts. One could easily argue that they combine the best of both worlds with your yacht: they are fast, stable, and remarkably spacious and offer the best in onboard amenities.

Motor SailYachts: The USA schooner is a traditional wooden sailYacht with engine. It descends from these ancient Yachts that sailed through the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas for millennia. Today’s schooners are built with much more precision and carry high-tech nautical equipment; they have air conditioning, excellent chefs and crews that provide attentive hotel services. Schooners have become the best authentic way to explore cultures and coastlines, and offer a great choice for a family vacation or a group of friends.

When can you leave? How far in advance do you have to book?

The companies  can arrange charter for you next week or next year. However, if you wish to book a particular Yacht or if your vacation dates are not flexible, it is best to do so as soon as possible.


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