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Use of car odograph For Your Needs

The first thing we associate with an odometer is the odometer of our vehicle and therefore we think that it is a device invented in the 20th century. However, the odometer or topometer is so old that, for some researchers, its origins go back to times before the Christian era. To know how to choose Car odograph, this article will help you out.

Vehicle odometer

In fact, the vehicles (from motorcycles to trucks and large buses) have two instruments in a single sphere: the speedometer and the odometer, which work together.To understand how this set works, let’s see the schematic representation of speedometer + odometer that shows the following figure. morans

Cutting of an Odometer

The vehicle’s gearbox transmits the movement of the vehicle to the speedometer by means of a flexible cable attached to the rear of the instrument panel. Said movement rotates the permanent magnet “I” which is inside the drum “T”, to which the needle “A” is attached, which moves along the graduated scale of the speedometer dial, while the spring “M” “Opposes the movement of the drum” T “. It is clear that the higher the speed of the vehicle, the faster the magnet will turn, the greater the drag of the drum produced by the magnetic field of the magnet, and therefore the greater the displacement of the needle.

As this mechanism only measures the speed, the drum drive system is used to arrange a series of gears that receive the movement transmitted by the flexible cable or speedometer casing through an auger and relay it to another drum. This drum, in turn, moves graded wheels interconnected, marking, successively, the distance traveled every 100 meters, one kilometer, tens, hundreds and thousands of kilometers, as shown in the following figure.

Manual odometer

These odometers, also known as measuring wheels, do not differ much from the home example that we mentioned at the beginning, except that they use gears. The most common have a single wheel, but there are also two wheels. Some work with the mechanical principle, such as the vehicle odometer. Others are electronic and have a wide reading screen. Its function in surveying, geology, topography and even agriculture is complemented by tape measures and distance meters, tachymeter, pedometers (or step meters), telemeters (measure inclined distances) and even more sophisticated devices such as levels, theodolites and stations.

Types of manual Odometers

The advantage of manual odometers is that they are economic, lightweight, easy to use and transport (they are generally foldable), they can count forward and backward distances in ranges from 0 to 9,999.99 meters, they work perfectly to measure curved and they can even measure areas with some precision.

To use manual odographin measuring a distance between two points, we simply have to fix the wheel on the starting point, press the start button and walk to the end point. The distance traveled will appear directly on the bookmark or on the electronic screen.


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